Twenty years ago, when I first was exposed to the need for deep-level healing I went for Spirit-led prayer ministry from two seasoned practitioners. I had scanned some preliminary material on what to expect and had read about “ungodly beliefs.” That was pretty strong language to my ears. I thought that, sure, I have some lustful thoughts and I know I don’t want anyone to ever see a video of all that I have used my imagination to concoct. But, ungodly beliefs? I’m a trained theologian, an ardent follower of Jesus, a missionary and minister for most of my adult life. I doubt if I have ungodly beliefs!

Well, by the end of that healing week, they had insightfully come up with sixteen UGBs – lies that I believed in my heart and upon which I had based my life – and that was only scratching the surface! My eyes were open. Here’s one of those 16: “Getting anything from God is like pulling teeth!”

An ungodly belief is a lie that we believe about God, ourselves or others, which does not line up with reality or God’s truth. This is because our beliefs are not based on facts but on our interpretation of facts. If we struggle with rejection, for example, every slight, every time we are not given the attention we expect, we will interpret this as rejection.

Our perception of the current events of our lives are moulded by beliefs we’ve formed based on past experiences. We develop expectations based on those beliefs. Subsequent events, or rather interpretation of subsequent events confirm those initial beliefs.

In the case of my UGB, as we prayerfully looked for the roots of that lie, we  found links to specific episodes with my earthly father in my formative years. Our enemy, the father of lies, used those events to whisper lies about “Father” into my life. So, when I became a follower of Jesus, I subconsciously transferred those expectations onto my Heavenly Father. Every “unanswered prayer” only served to bolster that initial belief, further confirming my deeply, but silently, held conviction that God was a withholding God.

Since I repented of believing this insidious lie and replaced it with a godly belief based on the truth of Scriptures, I can safely say that I have seen the favour of the Lord in my life like never before: I’ve been blessed with a lovely wife; I’m entrusted with a precious church to lead; I’m debt-free! Yippee! In my heart of hearts I know that God is my Good Father who withholds no good thing from me as I live with integrity before him. He is a giver of good gifts. (Psalm 84:11; Matt 7:11)

Replacing lies with Truth is one significant way that we renew our minds as the Scriptures instruct.

What lies have you inadvertently believed? Ask Holy Spirit to show you. Find some Spirit-led prayer ministers to help you through the process.


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Photo by Malik Mccotter-Jordan on Unsplash