Month: May 2018


When we give in the name of Jesus it’s never just a humanitarian action. There is a heavenly dimension to it and who knows what could happen when the Spirit is involved! 

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Praying the “Our Father” – Part 3

Now, I must make some pastoral comments about what the blessed life is. The blessed life is first and foremost an internal life. What do I mean by that? I simply mean that we can live in the blessing of God’s goodness even in those seasons when our circumstances might be screaming the opposite! 

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Praying the “Our Father”

Praying the “Lord’s Prayer”… the “Our Father”
The disciples asked Jesus: “Can you please teach us how to pray?”, and off the top of his head came the words of Matthew 6:9-13. God answers our prayers, and this is a great model to follow! Praying this prayer daily can bring God’s kingdom in significant ways in our lives!

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