A number of years ago I had a battery of tests done on my heart. I was a little anxious because a routine ultrasound had raised some eyebrows. To my surprise, though, when we got the results, the cardiologist concluded, “Well, Mr Naraine, you are not like the rest of your family, there is nothing the hell wrong with you; you are going to live forever!” 

I responded, “Doc, I don’t know if my response is going to make any sense to you but I am receiving that pronouncement as a prophetic word from God!” 

You see, between doing the tests and getting the results I had asked some folks who were specialists in Spirit-led prayer ministry to pray with me. One of the things they did was to authoritatively pray against ancestral curses / genetic weaknesses relating to heart disease. Here’s the thing: every family member who has passed away did so as a result of cardiac-related issues. So when he said, “you are not like the rest of your family” (in this area), I took this as encouragement from God. The negative genetic impulses from my ancestral lines no longer have an impact on me because we had applied the power of the Cross to this generational weakness! 

In fact, more recently, another cardiologist concluded, “If it weren’t for your family history, looking at the condition of your heart, I wouldn’t recommend any medication, but …” 

One of the first questions the medical profession asks is about family history. There is scientific evidence we are unavoidably affected by our genetic lines – for better or worse. 

The Scriptures tell us there is a supernatural dynamic to this reality. 

As with the physical law of gravity, God has designed his world with universal moral laws in place. If we live on the right side of those moral laws we reap the benefits, if we live on the wrong side we reap, what the Bible refers to as, curses (Deuteronomy 28). Both blessings and curses flow down the generational lines (Exodus 34:6-7).  

When we become Christians? 

When we are spiritually “born again” by giving our lives to Jesus, we exchange our natural generational bloodline for Jesus’ supernatural bloodline! We have access to every blessing that our Big Brother has purchased since we are spiritually adopted by our Heavenly Father! 

Father God in his sovereignty let’s us experience some of those supernatural benefits automatically. Generational patterns just fall off and have no further effect on us. However, as part of the process of maturing as sons and daughters, he also expects us to apply these benefits to our lives. 

It would not hurt you to look for generational patterns that have been affecting your family tree – addictions, financial woes, relational challenges, health issues, etc. Find someone to help you prayerfully apply the victory of the Cross to these areas. You might be surprised at the result! 

Oh, and celebrate your generational blessings too! 

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