About Me

Writing so that you are inspired, not titillated.


I’ve had three conversions thus far. The first was when I was 14 and heard clearly for the first time the story of Jesus Christ. I decided then that I believed his message and that he was my Saviour.

The second was around the age of 24 when I met some Christians my age who had made rather radical decisions and had become short-term missionaries. I wanted to be radical too and also decided to be a short-term missionary – right out of university. It was during that period that I realized I hadn’t really made as full a relinquishment of my life to God as I had thought. I needed to, because he deserved it. Jesus had been, as it were, my co-pilot and I needed to make him the Captain.

The third was when I was 34 and encountered revolutionary teaching to me about God as a Loving Father. This conversion has in a sense been ongoing because my heart (the real me deep down) is still learning that I don’t have to live as if I were an orphan. I have a Good Father who provides, protects and has my best interest in the centre of his heart. This understanding of God revealed in the Bible is making all the difference in the world to me!

My deepest desire is that I would help people who read these blogs to embark on a similar journey as I did – moving from embracing Jesus Christ as Saviour to discovering God as a Loving Father; from intellectual assent about the truth of the Gospel to radical devotion to the Person of the Triune God. This plays out in a much richer life, full of joy, peace, love and laughter!

My wife, Elsie, and I are currently happy leaders of a local church in Toronto. We love travelling, movies, good storytelling and hanging out with friends over a nice meal. I have a love-hate relationship with golf. Elsie is a professional watercolour landscape artist.

“Teaching is about transmitting knowledge from one head to another. Fathering entails transmitting life from one heart to another. I’d rather be a father.”


Past – Missionary. Accountant. Seminary grad. Traveller.

Present – Husband. Traveller. Pastor. Golfer (wannabe).

Future – more of the present … and better.

I don’t want to be edgy and controversial so that you read what I write so that I have more clicks. I want to write so that you are touched and inspired to love God more and live radically for him. I hope I succeed.